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Accreditation is based on a valid e-mail address used to create or reactivate an account in the Bolton Film Festival database. All accredited persons are listed on a password protected delegate page with their photo, first name, surname, job title and the name of their company/organisation. This page will only be made available to other accredited professionals. It is possible to be directly contacted through this page, but your email address will not be published publicly. Bolton Film Festival collects and stores data in the festival management software(s). Only members and representatives of Bolton Film Festival have access to this data. Under no circumstances will the data be passed on to third parties outside of Bolton Film Festival. The evaluation of the data takes place exclusively in the context of festival-related activities, e.g. call for submissions, the marketing and invitations to our festival events, or access to the online viewing library. The individual and personal data stored by Bolton Film Festival can be viewed by the delegate or on request of the delegate can be deleted at any time. An informal written message to info@boltonfilmfestival.com is sufficient for this purpose. After accreditation the festival can contact you by email to send you festival-related information (we may use Mailchimp or similar to do this).