Fri 7th Oct

Student Undergraduate

10:40am @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Our ‘Student Undergraduate’ block looks at the upcoming film makers of the future with a showcase of stories about the connections we have with people and place.  A young woman tries to escape her twisted memories of the past while a Welsh man tries to save his ancestral home from deve ...

I’m Fine – Guest Programme

10:45am @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
“I’M FINE!” 

You feel sad. You’re alone. You’re bored. You don’t care.
At least once (probably more than once), every person has experienced these emotional states. Sometimes all of them at once. Representatives of the creative industry are the most likely t ...

UK Shorts 5

10:50am @ Light Cinema Screen 2
This block of UK shorts looks at the internal struggles people often face within society from strained family relationships to money problems. We visit a young woman solicit a conversation with a lonely man, and a porn site acts as an unusual place for therapy. A recovering addict and an auti ...

Culture in Motion 1

11:00am Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
3:00pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
This selection of shorts examines the nature of the human condition through music, fashion and dance.  We embark on a journey of the mind from birth to death, loss and renewal, memory to nostalgia.

Culture in Motion 2

12:20pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
4:20pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
Embark on a journey of discovery with this programme of shorts that combine music, dance, fashion and experimental pieces looking at the ritualism and relationships we have with each other as-well as ourselves.

Doc 60 – 4

12:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Enquiring and observing are at the heart of this block of documentaries – some follow a cinema verité approach whilst others are constructed more traditionally. We meet a lonely filmmaker searching for a human connection and watch the rural rituals of village halls. Minting takes on new meaning ...

Animation 3

12:45pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
Animators are let loose in this eclectic block of stories, styles and techniques where artistry and technology perfectly collide. A dance of deception takes on a darker agenda, while we look down the lens of a father-son bond. Lifestyle choices need to be made for the Bardo to become, and lovable c ...

Culture in Motion 3

1:40pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
5:40pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
Combining fashion, music, dance and experimental film this block awakens the human spirit through the transformation of the self.  At the heart of this programme lies the notion that in order to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the place that we live, we must firstly surrender.

International 3

2:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
From China to USA, France to Russia our fab collection of international shorts will leave a lasting impression. From an apocalyptic submerging of a riverside town to a lost child struggling to survive. We meet an unlikely heroin for a day and follow the mundane, messy lives of a brother and si ...

Archive Film

2:10pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
This block of shorts uses old archival footage to revisit stories and bring them into the present day. We go back to the 80’s to try and piece together the catastrophic crusade of a paediatrician, and take a trip down memory lane of a working-class Yorkshire bloke. We watch a re-mastering of a 1 ...

FFF Rated – Women in Film

3:45pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
The F-Rating is awarded to films directed by a woman and/or written by a woman. If the film also features significant women on screen, the film becomes TRIPLE F-Rated. The rating is designed to support and promote women and re-address the imbalance in the film industry. ...

Doc 60 – 2

3:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
A selection of indie-docs exploring the workings of the human psyche and self-worth. From a video essay exploring a woman’s relationship with her body to the celebration of dissociative identity disorder. We skate around the subject of mental health issues within the skating community and turn t ...

Animation 1

5:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
A unique collection of distorted realities and family dynamics. We explore the troubled dysfunctionality of family life, alongside the multi-layered perception of a drug induced world. Face blindness is explained throughout sketchbooks and a memory box, while Beryl̵ ...

UK Shorts 3

5:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This award-winning programme of UK shorts takes us through a myriad of situations where we visit a woman with post-natal depression that is getting the better of her, and check out the three different lives of strangers united by the same destination. A family navigate the global legacy of the ...


6:55pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster with this hour-long block of experimental shorts where punk and disorderly meet transcendental dreamscapes. Our Experimental films also play in our Culture in Motion programmes.


7:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Our ‘Dance’ block showcases outstanding performances from around the world which fuses together flamenco, ballet and contemporary pieces alongside drama and documentary elements. Our Dance films also screen in the Culture in Motion programmes.  

Best of the Fest (2)

8:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Our ‘Best of the Fest 2’ programme showcases a fantastic selection of indie-shorts from home and abroad. Tensions fly with a ‘coming of age’ story of love and betrayal while a beauty salon takes grooming to another level. A drunken man finds out he has a weird super-power ...

Sci-fi & Fantasy

8:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Our ‘Sci-Fi & Fantasy’ programme normalizes the future-tech to come with some of the best independent shorts on the scene.  We visit old and new tropes within the genre from strange and luring creatures of the sea to mysterious stones connecting lovers gone. A spell ...