Sat 8th Oct

Environmental 2

12:00am @
Description to be confirmed

Doc 60 – 2

10:45am @ Light Cinema Screen 2
A selection of indie-docs exploring the workings of the human psyche and self-worth. From a video essay exploring a woman’s relationship with her body to the celebration of dissociative identity disorder. We skate around the subject of mental health issues within the skating community and turn to ...

Animation 3

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Animators are let loose in this eclectic block of stories, styles and techniques where artistry and technology perfectly collide. A dance of deception takes on a darker agenda, while we look down the lens of a father-son bond. Lifestyle choices need to be made for the Bardo to become, and lovable cr ...

Culture in Motion 1

11:00am Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
3:00pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
This selection of shorts examines the nature of the human condition through music, fashion and dance.  We embark on a journey of the mind from birth to death, loss and renewal, memory to nostalgia.

Environmental 1

11:00am @ KUDOS Cinema
2:20pm @ KUDOS Cinema
Our beautiful planet is under attack by the humans that inhabit it.  Our ‘Environmental 1’ programme hopes to tackle some of the issues relating to climate change and raise awareness so we can alter our ways.  In this series of indie-docs we dig underground for the fa ...

International 5

11:00am @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
This fab collection of shorts for our ‘International 5’ block looks at a series of situations which seem hard to control. A virile young man wants to prove to social media and himself that he has the ability to seduce, while police try to control a road accident orchestrated by a young girl. A b ...

International 3

12:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
From China to USA, France to Russia our fab collection of international shorts will leave a lasting impression. From an apocalyptic submerging of a riverside town to a lost child struggling to survive. We meet an unlikely heroin for a day and follow the mundane, messy lives of a brother and sis ...

Culture in Motion 2

12:20pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
4:20pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
Embark on a journey of discovery with this programme of shorts that combine music, dance, fashion and experimental pieces looking at the ritualism and relationships we have with each other as-well as ourselves.

FFF Rated – Women in Film

12:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
The F-Rating is awarded to films directed by a woman and/or written by a woman. If the film also features significant women on screen, the film becomes TRIPLE F-Rated. The rating is designed to support and promote women and re-address the imbalance in the film industry. ...

Family Animation

1:00pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
‘Family Animation’ aims to bring families together through tales both the young and the old will enjoy. A dog’s instinct to fetch leaves his master stranded in space. A wellington boot journeys through the forest to reunite with its pair. A couple of loved up lobsters have their ta ...

Culture in Motion 3

1:40pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
5:40pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
Combining fashion, music, dance and experimental film this block awakens the human spirit through the transformation of the self.  At the heart of this programme lies the notion that in order to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the place that we live, we must firstly surrender.

Doc 60 – 4

2:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Enquiring and observing are at the heart of this block of documentaries – some follow a cinema verité approach whilst others are constructed more traditionally. We meet a lonely filmmaker searching for a human connection and watch the rural rituals of village halls. Minting takes on new meaning w ...

Animation 4

2:10pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
This block of blended animation techniques from stop motion to use of the Unreal Engine tells tales about the relationship you have with yourself and relationships with others. We discover a magic record that plays everything you’ve forgotten and follow a lonely woman on her qu ...

International 4

2:45pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
Our ‘International 4’ block visits the sanctioned state of Karachi during the 1992 “Operation” and a solar eclipse reveals something that should have remained hidden. A young pregnant girl chooses abortion and manipulation takes centre stage within a patriarchal society. 


3:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
If you are gripped by a good thriller then this is the block for you. We follow the delivery of a dying man’s letter while time is ticking for a scamming phone call to succeed. The disappearance of a child reveals a shocking secret and MI6 are torn between stopping a terrorist attack and ...

UK Shorts 4

3:20pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This award-winning programme of UK shorts takes us through a myriad of situations where we find ourselves in juvenile detention observing the magnetic powers of a ten year old girl, watch a woman dealing with miscarriage, follow a gallery director get rich with her exploitative ambition, and witness ...

Doc 60 -1

3:30pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
A documentary programme observing three stories relating to home, prison, and survival. A Scottish hotel welcomes international fishermen into a short-term home. A European prison rehabilitates inmates using a dog training programme, and refugees search for scrap metal in Greece to make ends meet.&n ...


5:05pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
Our ‘Comedy’ strand will have you in stitches with this collection of giggles from a duel in dresses to a lie that begins to spiral out of control in a job interview. We teach you to stand in love rather than fall in it and visit two brothers in an Irish goodbye. 

UK Shorts 1

5:05pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
UK filmmakers are brought together with this selection of contrasting shorts which feature stories from personal dilemmas and social acceptance to family tensions and relationship breakdowns. 

Doc 60 – 3

6:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
A selection of short documentaries that explore community experience within the UK.  We visit a village with a view and explore what ‘home’ really means, and dig under the forest to witness the ancient practice of Freemining.  We enjoy at pint down at the oldest pub in Britain and sear ...

Music & Fashion

7:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
In this textural tapestry of the human spirit our ‘Music & Fashion’ selection brings you the latest styles and rhythms that your eyes and ears cannot ignore.  You can find all our Music & Fashion films in our Culture in Motion programmes.

Closing Night

8:00pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
There is something for everyone in our ‘Closing Night’ from drama, documentary, animation and comedy – this selection of shorts will take you on a rollercoaster of a ride. A passion for food, travel and sex unite a pair with very similar taste. A liberated Victorian woman convinces ...


8:15pm @ Light Cinema Screen 2
Marmite takes you to a place in storytelling which you may have never experienced before…..pushing the boundaries to their limits, in a block of short films that you will either love or hate. A baby appears in a couple’s apartment, but the resident ...