Sun 9th Oct


11:00am @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
Our ‘Comedy’ strand will have you in stitches with this collection of giggles from a duel in dresses to a lie that begins to spiral out of control in a job interview. We teach you to stand in love rather than fall in it and visit two brothers in an Irish goodbye. 

Culture in Motion 1

11:00am Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
3:00pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
This selection of shorts examines the nature of the human condition through music, fashion and dance.  We embark on a journey of the mind from birth to death, loss and renewal, memory to nostalgia.

International 4

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 3
Our ‘International 4’ block visits the sanctioned state of Karachi during the 1992 “Operation” and a solar eclipse reveals something that should have remained hidden. A young pregnant girl chooses abortion and manipulation takes centre stage within a patriarchal society. 

UK Shorts 3

11:00am @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This award-winning programme of UK shorts takes us through a myriad of situations where we visit a woman with post-natal depression that is getting the better of her, and check out the three different lives of strangers united by the same destination. A family navigate the global legacy of the ...

Culture in Motion 2

12:20pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
Embark on a journey of discovery with this programme of shorts that combine music, dance, fashion and experimental pieces looking at the ritualism and relationships we have with each other as-well as ourselves.

International 5

12:50pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
This fab collection of shorts for our ‘International 5’ block looks at a series of situations which seem hard to control. A virile young man wants to prove to social media and himself that he has the ability to seduce, while police try to control a road accident orchestrated by a young girl. A ...

UK Shorts 2

12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
UK filmmakers are brought together with this selection of contrasting shorts. In this block of two halves we look at sensitive issues relating to abortion, abuse, addiction and mental health but then lighten the mood with a series of dark comedies.

UK Shorts 6 – Made up North

12:50pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
This ‘Made Up North’ programme showcases the talent and diversity of our northern filmmakers.  From a story of struggle at the seaside town to recontextualised Super 8 footage with a new meaning. We follow a local legend in his search for happiness, and look for the diamond through the stre ...

Culture in Motion 3

1:40pm Daily @ KUDOS Gallery
Combining fashion, music, dance and experimental film this block awakens the human spirit through the transformation of the self.  At the heart of this programme lies the notion that in order to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the place that we live, we must firstly surrender.

Animation 2

2:40pm @ Bolton Museum Theatre 1
Welcome to the machine with this international showcase of animations exploring a range of 2D and 3D techniques.  We watch an avatar figure out how to do a backflip whilst an arrow searches for lost files. We take a weird psychedelic trip to paradise as a husband searches for his wife, and expe ...

International 1

2:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 3
This collection of international shorts focuses on our relationship with work and what we will do in order to buy our freedom. Thai brothers take on a loan for a brighter future in Sweden, while a chaperone carries out a more sinister duty. A teenage fisherman seeks redemption at sea, while a m ...

UK Shorts 5

2:40pm @ Light Cinema Screen 1
This block of UK shorts looks at the internal struggles people often face within society from strained family relationships to money problems. We visit a young woman solicit a conversation with a lonely man, and a porn site acts as an unusual place for therapy. A recovering addict and an autist ...