Archive Film

Total: 73 mins 57 secs

This block of shorts uses old archival footage to revisit stories and bring them into the present day. We go back to the 80’s to try and piece together the catastrophic crusade of a paediatrician, and take a trip down memory lane of a working-class Yorkshire bloke. We watch a re-mastering of a 16mm documentary about drowned poet ‘Shelley’ from 1822, and look at the tragic case of police brutality towards a Nigerian immigrant in 1969. 

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Friday 7th October 2:10pm - Bolton Museum Theatre 1

Saint Marietta

Ben Young
United Kingdom, 2021
12:44 mins
UK Premiere
In the 1980s, a crusading paediatrician in a small corner of the North of England ignited a mass panic that consumed the people of its local area they were supposed to serve. Found footage explores the strange and tangled story of how one doctor's dedication snowballed into a catastrophe.

Journey to Jagdula

Jordan Carroll
United Kingdom, 2021
14:19 mins
In the 1960's six women from the Pinnacle Club took part in an expedition to a remote part of Nepal. These intrepid women became the first to summit and map a region of peaks in the Kanjiroba Himal, a place they called Jagdula.

Mushy Peas to Green Tea Kulfi

Thea Burrows
United Kingdom, 2021
13:46 mins
The recollections of a lonely traumatised working class 60 year old Yorkshire bloke, who at stages of his life returns to the area of his childhood and references one building that has become his comfort blanket

The heart of Shelley

Nick Hugh McCann
United Kingdom, 2022
11:26 mins
In 1822 the poet Shelley was drowned and cremated on an Italian beach. 200 years later his wife Mary, the mother of Frankenstein, sears our consciences and troubles our souls with her husband’s haunting 'Mask of Anarchy', the greatest Human Rights poem of them all.


Jeremiah Quinn
United Kingdom, 2019
21:42 mins
World Premiere
The first documentary to explore the story of David Oluwale, a Nigerian immigrant chased or thrown into the River Aire by Leeds Police in 1969.