Culture in Motion 1

Total: 55 mins 6 secs

This selection of shorts examines the nature of the human condition through music, fashion and dance.  We embark on a journey of the mind from birth to death, loss and renewal, memory to nostalgia.

Thursday 13th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:30pm
Daily 11:00am - KUDOS Gallery Daily 3:00pm - KUDOS Gallery


Greth Castillo
Cuba, 2021
8:41 mins
European Premiere
In a small community in the Caribbean, a woman gives birth to her second child, during childbirth she dies.


Javier Cano Larumbe
Spain, 2019
2:35 mins
“Saphi” is an adventure to our origins, back to our roots and the deepest of our essence. A journey which connects our inner selves through nature and the world around us.

Silence 1b

Rollo Hollins
United Kingdom, 2022
3:25 mins
The greatest thing Iggy ever met, before anyone else knew it. Her favourite thing, taken away before she could ever truly understand her. Iggy is now left to try and emotionally connect the dots between all that happened all too quickly.

I Fall

Dan Thorburn
United Kingdom, 2022
11:21 mins
World Premiere
I Fall, is a dance film created and choreographed by Fallen Angels Dance Theatre and past addicts now in recovery. It explores the carnage and chaos of addiction. Focusing on the twisted love story between two addicts - how they can’t live with or without each other – and their unbearable compul...

The North Face SS22

Italy, 2022
59 secs
Fuelled by the desire to Never Stop Exploring, The North Face SS22 takes us on a journey into another dimension. The campaign celebrates the brand’s timeless NSE collection by crafting a new world in which time and space are of no consequence. Surreal landscapes and unknown portals shape this unch...

In Light

Alice Fassi
Italy, 2022
7:35 mins
In Light lives in a liminal space between documentary and visual tale. Alternating archival film material with new footage, the short film grants a unique insight into the peaceful and sublime ways of the Universal White Brotherhood.


Eimear Young
Ireland, 2022
7:25 mins
World Premiere
By combining a variety of different mediums and visual styles, this experimental short film seeks to capture the fragmented and confused nature of a human mind in various states of being.



Shunsaku Hayashi
Japan, 2021
4:09 mins
UK Premiere
A highlight of a memory, an evidence of being. This moment represents not only a single point in time - it is a portrait of an infinite expanse.

Ballet & I

Jonny White
United Kingdom, 2021
2:50 mins
An intimate portrait spotlighting a dancer's relationship with her mental health following the introduction of dance in her life.