Doc 60 – 2

Total: 63 mins 56 secs

A selection of indie-docs exploring the workings of the human psyche and self-worth. From a video essay exploring a woman’s relationship with her body to the celebration of dissociative identity disorder. We skate around the subject of mental health issues within the skating community and turn to the dark side of spiritualism through sobriety. 

Friday 14th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:30pm
Friday 7th October 3:50pm - Light Cinema Screen 3 Saturday 8th October 10:45am - Light Cinema Screen 2

The Space I Occupy

Colleen Bell
United Kingdom, 2021
5:40 mins
This video essay explores eating disorders, self-criticism and a woman’s relationship with her body. A combination of childhood photos, hand-sketched animation and live footage depicts the journey from childhood to adulthood and the process of unlearning the male gaze.

Royal Conservat...

Nice To Meet You All

Guen Murroni
United Kingdom, 2021
11:47 mins
“Nice To Meet You All” is a celebration of a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder who has survived human trafficking rings in the US.

Ballet & I

Jonny White
United Kingdom, 2021
2:50 mins
An intimate portrait spotlighting a dancer's relationship with her mental health following the introduction of dance in her life.

Skating and Talking: Ben Raemers

Liam Martin
United Kingdom, 2021
17:40 mins
In May 2019, the skateboarding industry was left devastated by the news that British pro skater Ben Raemers had died by suicide. Friends and family reflect on Ben’s rise to US sponsorship, and the struggles that came later as his mental health deteriorated.


Daniel Ali Mark Robertson
United Kingdom, 2022
13:13 mins
World Premiere
Whilst struggling with his addiction to alcohol, Ben Dean turns to the dark side finding sobriety and solice. Dean's spiritual journey and quest for a higher power leads him down an unexpected path where he becomes an inspiration to others, leading them on their own path to sobriety.


Ian Robert Smith
United Kingdom, 2021
12:46 mins
Whilst photographing those struggling with their mental health, renowned photographer Suzie Larke has an emotionally difficult year witnessing her father’s slow death. Will he still be alive for her exhibition and what will pull her through?