Doc 60 – 4

Total: 61 mins 22 secs

Enquiring and observing are at the heart of this block of documentaries – some follow a cinema verité approach whilst others are constructed more traditionally. We meet a lonely filmmaker searching for a human connection and watch the rural rituals of village halls. Minting takes on new meaning whilst understanding the French franc, and we follow a reliable loser from the British fight scene. 

Wednesday 19th October Available for 48 hrs from 4:30pm
Friday 7th October 12:40pm - Light Cinema Screen 3 Saturday 8th October 2:00pm - Light Cinema Screen 2

This Tree Is Hostile

Hugh Clegg
United Kingdom, 2021
16:45 mins
World Premiere
In an attempt to cure his loneliness, a filmmaker embarks on an curious odyssey through London, searching for human connection.

National Film and Television School

Village Hours

Matthew Reed
United Kingdom, 2021
9:58 mins
Taking in a thwarted pantomime rehearsal, dreamlike dance displays and a macabre local history presentation; Village Hours explores the people, practices and passing moments which make up contemporary rural life.

One Second in Small Francs

Douwe Dijkstra
Netherlands, 2022
10:30 mins
UK Premiere
A long time ago some people decided which motifs would best represent the country of Switzerland. And then they put them onto coins. How much is money worth in this country and what values should it represent?

Look For The Diamonds

James Slater
United Kingdom, 2022
12:34 mins
Joel Goldberg has four Kidneys, but none of them work. He has to go on dialysis everyday in order to survive, but he refuses to let his condition define him. Through a uniquely positive outlook on life, Look For The Diamonds shows Joel not just surviving, but living.


Jamie Yuan
United Kingdom, 2022
11:35 mins
Meet Lewis Van Poetsch, the boxer who gets paid to lose. His record lies at 134 fights, 9 wins and 125 defeats. In boxing, there’s a market for a reliable loser, and Lewis is the best in the business. Now approaching his 150th fight, the film tells his story and follows both Lewis and his trainer ...