Total: 54 mins 47 secs

Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster with this hour-long block of experimental shorts where punk and disorderly meet transcendental dreamscapes. Our Experimental films also play in our Culture in Motion programmes.

Friday 14th October Available for 48 hrs from 3:00pm
Friday 7th October 6:55pm - Light Cinema Screen 2

True Sound Façade

Laura N-Tamara
United Kingdom, 2020
2:30 mins
A celebration of how our inner and outer lives merge with each other playfully in the act of artistic creation. It takes inspiration from the japanese notions of 'Honne' - the true sound, one's true feelings - and 'Tatemae' - the façade we put up to live in society.

Silence 1b

Rollo Hollins
United Kingdom, 2022
3:25 mins
The greatest thing Iggy ever met, before anyone else knew it. Her favourite thing, taken away before she could ever truly understand her. Iggy is now left to try and emotionally connect the dots between all that happened all too quickly.


Shunsaku Hayashi
Japan, 2021
4:09 mins
UK Premiere
A highlight of a memory, an evidence of being. This moment represents not only a single point in time - it is a portrait of an infinite expanse.

Virtual Voice

Suzannah Mirghani
Sudan, 2021
6:42 mins
UK Premiere
Suzi is the (virtual) voice of her generation.

Sensual Pill

Greece, 2021
3:58 mins
A magnetic animation-documentary, using Google Earth satellite facilities to travel worlwide during the pandemic era. Epic music by the Athenian Kostadis.


Eimear Young
Ireland, 2022
7:25 mins
World Premiere
By combining a variety of different mediums and visual styles, this experimental short film seeks to capture the fragmented and confused nature of a human mind in various states of being.


Advice for live bait

Patrick Moser
United States, 2022
3:23 mins

Berlin Loop: Stresow Station

Jeffrey Moser
United States, 2020
5:37 mins
An experimental film that examines the visual architecture of the moving image, in specific cases. The uniform linear motion of the Berlin public transport system is expanded through the persistence and offsetting of the previous frames.

Empire of My Melodious Mind

Jeannette Louie
United States, 2022
8:17 mins
European Premiere
In the space of a moment, inside a cabinet, perception embarks on an epic journey through the terrain of memories that form the identity of an American born Asian.