Sci-fi & Fantasy

Total: 82 mins 33 secs

Our ‘Sci-Fi & Fantasy’ programme normalizes the future-tech to come with some of the best independent shorts on the scene.  We visit old and new tropes within the genre from strange and luring creatures of the sea to mysterious stones connecting lovers gone. A spell is cast from a warty nosed child and an old man gets set to transform into artificial intelligence. 

Friday 21st October Available for 48 hrs from 8:00pm
Friday 7th October 8:10pm - Light Cinema Screen 2

The Last Days

Dipo Baruwa-Etti
United Kingdom, 2021
13:00 mins
In a near-future world where you can discover your Death Day, an apolitical woman learns that she and many Black people have been given incorrect dates and seeks justice before her time runs out - that same day.

Song of the sea

Simon Nilsen
Norway, 2022
10:15 mins
UK Premiere
Leif encounters a strange creature at sea that drives him insane.

Noroff School of Technology and Digital media

Otto’s Stones

Juan Bobbio
Argentina, 2022
8:20 mins
In a house at Buenos Aires, a woman mourns the death of her husband. One day, the family dog ​​discovers a stone buried in the garden. The interaction between the stone and a mysterious necklace, triggers the reunion between the woman and the man she misses so much.


David Anderson
United Kingdom, 2021
15:21 mins
Early morning at an average, riverside greasy-spoon café in Kent, a lone stranger cuts an odd figure. The cheerful but exhausted waitress is barely holding it together when her teenage son arrives suspiciously bad tempered. But what connects this disparate trio is a deeper mystery than at first see...

Spell on you

Sarah Lasry
France, 2021
22:37 mins
UK Premiere
Salomé has a wart on her nose. She's disgusted by her own reflection. At night, she spies on her parents through the keyhole. Strange things are happening, which no one speaks of... A spell will be cast.


Marc Philip Ginolas
Germany, 2022
13:00 mins
European Premiere
In a world where humaneness counts for nothing, a man has lost his value to society.

University of TV & Film Munich