Student Undergraduate

Total: 102 mins 10 secs

Our ‘Student Undergraduate’ block looks at the upcoming film makers of the future with a showcase of stories about the connections we have with people and place.  A young woman tries to escape her twisted memories of the past while a Welsh man tries to save his ancestral home from development. We visit a fame hungry teen on the Blackpool coast and Eden tells her story of transition and cold-water swimming. 

Sunday 16th October Available for 48 hrs from 2:30pm
Friday 7th October 10:40am - Light Cinema Screen 3

First One Away

Zak Harney
United Kingdom, 2021
7:38 mins
Paul desperately tries to get away from a lads night out. But in order to do so, he must play by the 'rules' and tell the group a story. He tells a morbid story of an abandoned grave that he decided to tend, and the unexpected journey this took him on.

Ravensbourne University


Luther Ford
United Kingdom, 2022
13:39 mins
World Premiere
A young woman desperately tries to escape childhood memories of a twisted past.

Arts University Bournemouth

The Space I Occupy

Colleen Bell
United Kingdom, 2021
5:40 mins
This video essay explores eating disorders, self-criticism and a woman’s relationship with her body. A combination of childhood photos, hand-sketched animation and live footage depicts the journey from childhood to adulthood and the process of unlearning the male gaze.

Royal Conservat...


Finley John
United Kingdom, 2021
10:45 mins
World Premiere
After receiving a harrowing call from her brother, a woman must decide whether to attend to the deathbed of her mother whilst battling a flood that threatens to submerge her home.


See Me

Brychan Elis Probert
United Kingdom, 2022
11:39 mins
Owain, a grieving tenant farmer, must save his ancestral home from development into soulless holiday homes.

University of Gloucestershire

Chocolate Tronchetto

Nicole Favarelli
United Kingdom, 2022
10:40 mins
When a lonely grandma faces the ignorance of her estranged granddaughter, she has to re-invent the wheel to uphold a long family tradition - making Chocolate Tronchetto together on Christmas Eve.

Met Film School


Chloe Ireland
United Kingdom, 2022
10:08 mins
World Premiere
Stuck between an internet famous friend and a partner content with life under the radar, Izzy must choose between the riches of the social media spotlight and the stability of a loving relationship.


Daniel’s Set For Life

Jake McKenna
United Kingdom, 2021
11:03 mins
After waking up in an apartment not his own, Christian discovers its inhabitant has recently won the lottery but wishes not to keep it.

Arts University Bournemouth


Charlie Bush
United Kingdom, 2021
10:31 mins
This documentary follows Eden's extraordinary story as a transgender woman, who by taking on science managed to break the rules and find a new passion at the same time.