UK Shorts 6 – Made up North

Total: 92 mins 45 secs

This ‘Made Up North’ programme showcases the talent and diversity of our northern filmmakers.  From a story of struggle at the seaside town to recontextualized Super 8 footage with a new meaning. We follow a local legend in his search for happiness, and look for the diamond through the streets of Liverpool. 

Wednesday 12th October Available for 48 hrs from 6:00pm
Wednesday 5th October 5:40pm - Light Cinema Screen 2 Sunday 9th October 12:50pm - Light Cinema Screen 3


Nicole Pott
United Kingdom, 2022
14:55 mins
A young girl attempts to navigate the sea front on the search of her missing alcoholic mother over one night.


Daniel Newsham
United Kingdom, 2022
3:26 mins
UK Premiere
Beholder is an experimental short film created from rediscovered Super 8 footage. The film reimagines the memories of people from the 60s and 70s and has been used with a piece of poetic narration to invite viewers to consider which moments they choose to prolong in the present.

The phenomenon of not wanting to be alone and simultaneously hating everybody

Lizzy Mansfield
United Kingdom, 2021
9:32 mins
World Premiere
An animation about a woman called Ruby, who is seeking companionship in a strange and confusing world.

Finding ‘Appiness

Natasha Hawthornthwaite
United Kingdom, 2022
11:43 mins
After 70 years of keeping a devastating secret, eccentric fashionista Allan Bradbury is on a journey to recovery. By opening up about his childhood trauma can he find true ‘appiness in later life?


Luke Bather
United Kingdom, 2021
10:00 mins
Bald tells the heartwarming tale of how the baldest man in the world accidentally starts a moon-worshipping cult in South Wales.

Bring Back My Bonnie

Mark Waters
United Kingdom, 2022
18:30 mins
An elderly man with dementia continues to speak with his late wife to keep her alive. When his daughter sees his decline she tries her best to make him comfortable and the memories they share embolden their relationship. An exploration of the highs-and-lows of memories fading through illness and nat...


Iqbal Mohammed
United Kingdom, 2021
12:05 mins

Two childhood friends reunite in their Northern working-class town, post-Brexit.

Look For The Diamonds

James Slater
United Kingdom, 2022
12:34 mins
Joel Goldberg has four Kidneys, but none of them work. He has to go on dialysis everyday in order to survive, but he refuses to let his condition define him. Through a uniquely positive outlook on life, Look For The Diamonds shows Joel not just surviving, but living.